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Eye For An Eye: Justice With A Difference

When Judge Akim enters the courtroom, with a baseball bat in his hand, expect the unexpected! In Eye for an Eye Judge Akim delivers justice but with a difference!

Akim is a former state prosecutor for a US state. He is ‘ably’ assisted in his courtroom duties by Sugar Ray Phillips, a former middleweight boxing champion of the world. Together they dispense justice like no court has ever done!

Judge Extreme Akim never awards litigants money, instead he offers punishment of biblical proportions.

Shattering car windows, shaving heads and chain-sawing big screen TVs in half are only some of the outrageous sentences handed down from the bench of Judge Akim. You get what you give in this never before seen display of courtroom justice on Eye for an Eye.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

165 x 30 minutes

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