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The Elephant Whisperer & Maya Memsaab

The crew of this film was busy with a herd of wild elephants when a young one decided to give them a charge. Tall elephant grasses on left and right sides and a mammoth female elephant blocking the passage ahead, the crew had few options of escape. And then the female elephant came charging. All on the vehicle froze in fear, waiting for the worst.

It was at this moment that Debeshwar happened! The young forester lunged forward from the jeep, one hand holding the vehicle and other outstretched towards the charging elephant. Go, mother, go… he urged the elephant.

And, she listened to him and returned. Debeshwar, the smiling forester with a diminutive frame, became Debu that day.

During the three seasons that the crew spent in India’s Kaziranga National Park filming a television series on rhinos, there were at least four occasions when they were attacked by wild elephants (and 6 incidents of rhino charges). On every occasion, Debu held them back with the same chant, ‘Go, mother, Go…’. After the first incident, none of the crew feared wild elephants … as long as Debu was on the vehicle!

The Elephant Whisperer and Maya Memsaab is an amazing story of Debu and his life-long fascination for the leader of the largest herd of 40 wild elephants in Kaziranga, Maya. Through Debu, the film enters the world of Maya and the elephant society, and follows them through spring, summer and monsoon.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

60 minutes

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