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Tanhavash - The Loneliest Cheetah on Earth

'Tanhavash' (lonely in Persian) is the loneliest cheetah on earth!

He belongs to the family of Asiatic cheetah, a sub-species of its African cousin, that has disappeared from everywhere else except Iran. There are reported to be 100 of them in the Middle Eastern desert of Iran, but they cannot be seen, at least easily. Numerous trail cameras deployed for six years in the largest Iranian national park, Kavir, yielded only one cheetah image.

Filmmaker Fathollah Amiri spends countless days and nights in the sandy landscape hoping to find more. He is particularly hopeful of a cheetah with 4 cubs, whose presence has been reported but not seen. Will he be able to find them?

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

60 minutes

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