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For every popular and expensive product, there exists a Fake. Sometimes buyers fall for the scam innocently... and other times they exploit it knowingly. It's a multi-dollar industry all over the world, and it's based entirely on deception.

Globetrotter Jonathan Legg penetrates this counterfeit world to get to the heart of the lies. He travels around the world discovering hidden manufacturing bases, duplication processes and shady dealers.

As he goes deeper, he realises it's not all about luxury watches and expensive sunglasses. Non-descript products like rice, cabbage, prawn, eggs and even anti-venom are also being mass produced in this underground world.

Jonathan will meet not only the hustlers of the world's most wanted fake goods but also the genuine producers to see how they are dealing with the menace, all in a bid to get a deeper understanding of the world of the Fake.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

10 x 30 minutes

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