Return of the Lion Queens
Return of the Lion Queens

In 2016, The Lion Queens took the world by storm as global audiences fell in love with the stories of the incredible women foresters who risked their lives every day in dangerous, high-pressure situations to protect the wildlife in their parks. The show reached audiences in over 150 countries.

The show even garnered praise from organisations like UNEP and the Prime Minister of India himself. Countless articles in newspapers and magazines appeared in hundreds of languages and numerous follow up television features applauded the series. It even became the subject of many a research theses!

Now the series returns to mesmerise the world once again as we check in with our fearless female guards and meet some daring new ones too. With heartwarming stories, more action, more danger and more inspirational women, it is sure to be an even bigger television event than its predecessor!

An Optimum Television Production.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

10 x 30 minutes

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